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Employees are responsible for understanding the safe operation of company machinery, vehicles, and products.  If you are not sure on the safety of any given situation, consult with Gary Schepers first or a manager.

Any and all injuries are to be reported immediately.  Failure to do so may jeopardize workman’s compensation coverage.

Employees should be aware of the location of first aid kits at all times.  If you are not sure where the kits are located, please see Gary Schepers.  If an accident or illness should occur, no matter how slight, notify management immediately so appropriate medical treatment can be administered.  Please use extreme caution to avoid contact with body fluids.  Each first aid kit contains plastic gloves, please be sure to use them.



All employees MUST wear safety belts while driving either their own or company vehicles on company business.  Furthermore, employees are expected to insist that all their passengers wear safety belts.



All employees understand that use of a cell phone, for any purpose, including texting, while driving is strictly forbidden.  An employee will pull off the road or pass the phone to a passenger if necessary, but WILL NOT USE A PHONE TO TEXT OR TALK WHILE OPERATING A VEHICLE.



If the weather conditions are questionable (rain/snow) employees must call the office 30 minutes before work starts.  (616-669-2210)



Since equipment plays such a vital role in our business, equipment maintenance can reduce down time.  Managers are required to wash their truck whenever dirty and check fluid levels on Monday.  Foremen are required to check the oil in their machine on Monday and to keep the truck and trailer clean. All commercial trucks carry first aid and fire extinguishers to be used when necessary. Employees are to know location of the First Aid kit and Fire Extinguisher at all times while on the job site.



Because of company preference and image, shirts are to be worn at all times. Long pants and long sleeve shirts are required when necessary on commercial sites.



Safety glasses are supplied and are to be worn whenever conditions warrant, or required by the general contractor, the employee is responsible for his/her safety glasses.



Reflective safety vests are supplied and are to be worn whenever the employees are working in or near the roadway, the employee is responsible for his/her reflective safety vest.



Hard hats are supplied and are to be worn whenever conditions warrant or if the construction site requires it, the employee is responsible for his/her hard hat.



Since outdoor work  is critical to our business, Schepers recommends that all employees where sunscreen, however, it is left to the employees own discretion when he/she sees fit.


Safety Meeting:

A safety meeting is conducted every April and is a requirement to work at Schepers Inc. Covered within the safety meeting: equipment, vehicles, safety glasses, working within the roadway, cell phone usage, hard hats, OSHA compliance, confined space, steel toe footwear, and any other applicable items.


First Aid Training:


Schepers Inc. will provide Emergency First Aid Training and CPR certification to all foreman and Service Technicians working in the field. First Aid training for all Service Technicians and Foreman was completed on March 11th of 2016. While on a commercial site one individual from Schepers Inc. will be trained in First Aid.




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